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8 Steps to Writing the Excellent Personal Essay

Creating a leading-edge college paper is not an overwhelming task, even if you have zero writing skills. Find a well-thought-out guide below and follow all the steps strictly to create an excellent personal essay from scratch.

What is a Personal Narrative Essay?

It’s hard to present a strong definition of what a personal essay is. In short, it is a free form of an autobiographical story. It’s not the same as the narrative essay because the author can write about anything. He can tell a story, write about a life-changing moment in life, or share a personal opinion on a particular issue. The writer shouldn’t supplement a story with facts that prove it. Chronology does not matter, as well.
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Step-by-Step Guide

Do you want to create a mind-provoking personal essay? Grab the guide and follow it strictly. There are eight steps on how to create a breath-taking personal characteristics essay from scratch.

Learn More about Personal Essay

If you’re a freshman and know nothing about this type of academic writing, you need to take a deep dive into this topic. Do not hesitate to surf the Internet and examine personal essay examples from other students.

Pick a Topic

When you know how to write a personal essay, you should pick an overwhelming topic for your paper. Write about the most remarkable moment of your life and discuss its impact on your outlook.

Create an Outline

It’s much easier to move forward when you have a plan. Therefore, always create an outline first. It will help you not to focus your story on one moment. Break your paper down on milestones and complete them one by one.

Start with an Essay Hook into Introduction

It’s important to engage a reader from the very beginning. Create a strong hook in the first paragraph that drives to read a paper. You can share some statistics, ask a question, or write a strong statement.

Write Body Paragraphs

An average personal essay body implies 2-3 paragraphs. Therefore, you need to enclose a topic in more detail. Do not forget to use transition words to create an interrupted story flow. Use the active voice and the first-person narrative.

Finish with an Interesting Conclusion

Writing a conclusion, you have to summarize your essay and share your viewpoint. If you don't know how to create a compelling personal essay conclusion, writing a paper, hire an essay creation specialist online.

Finalize the Draft

Make a short break to refresh your mind. After this, cross out the wrong sentences and finalize unfinished paragraphs.

Proofread and Edit

At the last stage, you need to double-check your paper and correct any possible mistakes. Feel free to use online tools that highlight double spacings and misspellings. Also, there are a lot of advanced online tools that analyze papers and suggest corrections.

Top Grade Essay Writing Tip

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